Ricky Martin faces 50 years in prison For the Incest case with his Nephew

Ricky Martin faces 50 years in prison after being charged with domestic violence in a bombshell report by his 21-year-old nephew.

It was revealed that a judge in Puerto Rico had issued a "domestic violence-related" restraining order against the Latin pop icon Ricky Martin two weeks ago

The name of the alleged victim has not been previously released.

according to Spanish publication Marca, Martin's brother Eric Martin said the victim was 21-year-old Dennis Yadiel Sanchez

Under Puerto Rico's laws for "sex charges," Martin, 50, faces up to five decades in prison if the shocking claims are true

The publication reported that the complaint was filed anonymously under Law 54,

El Vocero, a Puerto Rico newspaper, reported that the order states that Martin and the person who filed the complaint dated for seven months