Questions about Twitter's future After Elon Musk is taking over

The deal "puts the richest person in the world in charge of the most influential social networks," wrote CNN's Claire Duffy and Donnie O'Sullivan.

it "marks one of the biggest acquisitions of a tech company and impacts the direction of social media," the Wall Street Journal team wrote.

Musk's initial bid, $ 54.20 per share, was his "best and final offer," and sure enough, the Twitter board agreed to it 11 days later.

nothing will change in the short term. The contracting process takes several months. Musk may not take control of Twitter until the fall.

Musk has made some pledges to users, including "making algorithms open source, defeating spam bots, and authenticating all human beings".

In the US, theoretical responses to the deal have largely broken down in predictable ways. The headline on the Wall Street Journal read: "Republicans cheer deal; Democrats see risks."