Oingo Boingo Former Members

Oingo Boingo is known for its high-energy live concerts and experimental music, and live bands.

With loyal West Coast compliance, Oingo Boingo was honored by the City of Los Angeles when the City Council designated April 20, 2016, as the official “Oingo Boingo Day” in Los Angeles, CA

Richard Blade of KROQ 106.7 and SiriusXM lst Wave fame also attended, and former members of the Oingo Boingo remain, saying, “Hell is the best Oingo Boingo band ever.”

Oingo Boingo was a rather unconventional size for the rock group, with eight members including Danny Elfman on lead vocals. 

One reason for the larger group is the group’s emphasis on horn-driven systems. What is Oingo Boingo?

Danny Elfman is the lead singer of the Oingo Boingo Musical group.