Liz Cheney Has Become a G.O.P. Outcast for Condemning Trump

Republican Representative Vice Chairwoman Elizabeth Lynne Cheney of Wyoming has unveiled a series of reprehensible revelations describing how former President Trump provoked the m

“There will come a day when President Trump is gone,” Mrs. Cheney said. “But your shame will remain.”

Her reprimand, part of the searing opening remarks he gave at the first prime-time hearing to bring out the findings of the Jan. 6 committee

marked the culmination of a significant arc for Mrs. Elizabeth Lynne Cheney, the daughter of a prominent conservative family.

 From one of the most powerful leaders of his party to one of its most vocal critics, and the blamed foe of its de facto leader.

She did not regret continuing to blame Mr. Trump for instigating the attack, and he followed his path by spreading the lie of a presidential election stolen by his Republican colleagues. 

That stance ignored her from her party, her colleagues ousted her from the leadership position 

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