Kanhaiya Lal Tailor Murderer have been arrested by the Police

One of the Accused identified as Mohammad Riaz Ansari. 

The two fanatical has the connection in Pakisthan : Source said

More than 10 Pakistani contact number found in the Mohammad Riaz Ansari's Phone.  

They both fanatical also stated that they will kill Modi in the same sharp weapon. 

It is believed that they both fanatical has the connection with terrorrism group Dawaat-e-Islam from pakistan

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that more investigation will be conducted against thme.

Rajasthan State Government announced ₹ 31 lakh componsation to Kanhaiya Lal Family. 

Gos Mohammad and Riyas Ansari The Murderer of Kanhaiya Lal have arrested within a day after assassination.