How To Watch Top Gun 2 Online | When is Top Gun 2 Streaming?

Paramount plus Top Gun 2: As Top Gun 2 is being distributed by Paramount, the high-profile release is likely to follow the trend behind the studio for streaming drops

While the studio has yet to announce an official streaming release date for Top Gun 2, their latest films have typically received a 45-day special theatrical window before falling on Paramount plus. 

The Lost City premiered in theaters on March 25 and arrived at Paramount plus for streaming on May 10, giving the film a 46-day window.

If Tom Cruise’s Top Gun 2 follows this same release strategy, viewers can expect that the sequel will be available for streaming via Paramount Plus on or around July 11, 2022 – although the streaming release on Friday, July 15 is most likely

Top Gun 2 gets an exclusive theatrical release before landing on streaming services. About three years after the much-delayed sequel’s Memorial Day weekend premiere, Top Gun

Maverick was originally scheduled to debut in theaters, but the prospect of a Tom Cruise action-packed adventure drama has not diminished