Highland Park police take a man into custody over the July Fourth parade shooting

Highland Park police Officials say a person involved in the July Fourth mass shooting incident has been arrested.

A few hours later after the attack, Robert E. Crimo III was found driving a silver Honda Fit in North Chicago

When an officer tried to stop through a traffic sign, the young guy attempted to escape

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said to the news person on Monday evening.

“A brief pursuit ensued,” but Krimo eventually gave himself up, Jogmen said, adding that he was “taken into custody without incident.” 

Jogmen said the investigation was moving quickly and Crimo said he would be questioned by

department investigators “to make sure or see if he was connected to this incident.”

When pressed, Jogmen declined to call Krimo a suspect at this stage of the investigation.

Police chiefs said more information was needed to link him to the shooting that left six dead and dozens injured.