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Who doesn’t know the ‘Kaccha Badam‘ song today? Tell me. . Everybody murmuring kaccha badam song in mouth knowingly or unknowingly every minute.

So much craze has already created this song in people. The Kaccha Badam song was neither composed by Himesh Reshammiya nor sung by Arijit Singh

 Kaccha Badam Song was created and sung by a badam seller Bhuban Badyakar for the sake of his badam business to fill out his and his family’s food

A common badam seller Bhuban Badyakar’s one song ‘Kaccha Badam’ become viral on social media. And created a new sensation on the internet.

Every video creator is making content on this song and getting millions of views and likes. And also they are earning a lot of income from their videos.

But the sad part is original song creator and the singer of Kaccha Badam, Bhuban Badyakar is still selling his badam for a penny and struggling for his one-time food as well.