Best Alternative for File Sharing app Xender App 2022

Xender app is a very familiar file sharing application, where people can share and transfer any amount of size file can be shared and transferred from one mobile to another mobile. 

It was a very popular android app in India. This is also one of the 59 Chinese apps banned in India. So now in India Xender app 2022 is not available legally. 

Xender application is a free file-sharing platform. Working across platforms, it employs sophisticated technology to create a native Wi-Fi network between devices and send content without data charges

Using the Xender app 2022 android users could transfer any large amount of files within a minute.

Even Bluetooth also cannot beat Xender’s speed. Because the Xender app had more features than Bluetooth. At a time user can transfer and share more than 5 files simultaneously.

Xender APK version is available on the internet as an alternative for the Xender app. But As the Xender app was banned by the Indian government because of the Chinese built, 

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