Af global App is real or fake Afglobal  Global New Earning App Review 2022

AfGlobal App is also known as Aetna Fortune Global Earning app. Because it is a copy of another scam earning app Aetna Fortune earning app. 

Many YouTubers and bloggers already promoted the Afglobal App to the earning purpose by getting more referrals. But very few people creating awareness against this kind of app. 

What is the Afglobal  App? The Afglobal App is a new earning app that claims that you can earn money by purchasing packages and earn money daily as an ROI.

The real Aetna is an established medical insurance company that was featured in fortune magazine and many other places. 

Afglobal  App is Real or Fake No, the Af global App is a fake earning application. They claim that you need to purchase packages to earn money. 

Is Af global  App Genuine or fraudulent? No, the Afglobal earning app is not a genuine application. It is a fraudulent app. Never invest in this app.